heckel model 41i bassoon

Played from 1948 to 1978 in the Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra. Played professionally in Montreal Symphony Orchestra. Marcus added the high D key in 1980; Jimmy Keys insert 6 water tubes in 1993. Rollers: Right Hand Bb, F#, F and Ab, rollers on long joint C and D and a rocker whisper key lock on the tenor joint. pancake, F#, and Ab Key, as well as rollers on the left W.Heckel Bassoon. As a versatile instrument, bassoon music can be written in bass clef, tenor clef, or even treble clef. It is the “Jubilee” model which celebrated Heckels’ 100th year in business. Must be absolutly terrible. High F, E keys. Also, it Regulating screws on whisper key, low B, D, F#, G, E/F# trill. Whisper key, High D key, High E key between I and II. a whisper key lock operated by the right thumb, a right thumb G to Bb trill. Complete overhaul at Heckel in 2010. La vendita include la custodia originale Heckel e due bocals. More information Heckel 6000 bassoon (keywork detail) right thumb whisper key, left thumb whisper key lock, A-bridge French bell. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 11/2007). In 1994 the D tone-hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Restored by Keith Bowen; completed in January of 2000. Plastic tone hole inserts have been added. High D and E key, 4 rollers. Nickel plating, high d and high e keys, rollers for F/Ab and Professionally played for 20+ years in Teatro "La Fenice" di Venezia, Solid Silver Key Work Foster Bocal Lock Extra Keys plus floor spike, Owner retired--Played Professionally for 28 years in a Major Australian Orchestra, High D and E, Ab-Bb trill, French whisper key, High D and E. Ab-Bb trill, rollers, tubes. Restored by Rennick Ross. G# ring mechanism (forefinger), Eb trill touch (forefinger, hole on wing joint). Heckel removed G/Ab trill key for right thumb and right first finger; Cuchuriano system installed. Right Hand Eb Trill Key with Offset C# Trill Key. and F#. Wonderful sound. Sterling silver tubes projecting into the bore (to prevent holes filling with condensation), Handrest with screw and extra low basic part, Holes on bottom of butt joint cap for seat strap, Extra keyguard for butt joint, model B with support (short), Extra keyguard for butt joint, model B with support (long), Extra keyguard for butt joint, model D (short), Extra keyguard for butt joint, model D (long), F#/E connection for right thumb on butt joint, Removable balance hanger on butt joint (normal length), Brass receiver socket for long joint in butt joint, Heckel model body lock between wing and long joint, French model body lock between wing and long joint, Divided long joint, head joint glued (Gentlemen's model), Divided long joint, with one piece head (bell) joint, Extra lever for whisper key for right thumb on butt joint above Bb lever, Low C#/D# trill for left thumb next to Low C lever, Low C#/D# trill for left thumb with only Eb key for left little finger, Low C#/D# trill with extra C# tonehole and key next to Eb key, G# ring mechanism in connecrtion with G-ring for Deep red color, French bell. Heckel bassoons are probably the most sought-after bassoons in the world. Used by the Principal Bassoonist of the Detroit Symphony. Played professionally for ten years in the Sacramento Symphony. Left hand high D and E keys, Eb and C# trill High D/E, various rollers, no Ab-Bb trill. The following is a reproduction of the options offered by the Heckel factory High E key added by John Campbell (Los Angeles) in the late 1990's. This bassoon has a big, warm and powerful sound, and the intonation is precise. Eb trill key, high D, "typewriter" whisper key lock. The instrument was lost in shipment by a previous owner, and the insurance company paid them for the loss. Gentlemens model, High D and E; extra rollers. Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 10/2006), Originally without a high c/d or e. Used in the Atlanta Symphony Orchestra in the 1980's. Completely stripped and overhauled in 1997 by Walter Rieger (Russelsheim, Germany). The tenon on the long joint (bass) has been reinforced. HAS Heckel TYPE[German] system. Riedl #1192 In wonderful condition. Small joint has only c tube, no trill keys, no high d, roller on c# key. illustrates the option. This means that the serial number stamped on the U-tube plate may not be the With a 1er S-curve the Heckel is with approx. Generally overhauled in Germany. High D and E keys, Db/Eb, Whisper Key/C#, Low E/F# rollers and F/Ab rollers, water tubes. has much thicker walls. A Heckel bocal is included as is the original case. High D/E, Eb trill. Germany until summer 2001. Very dark brown color without visible rings. Ab-Bb trill, Left thumb whisper key lock, High D key, 4 Rollers, Ivory German bell. The Handel and Haydn Society, Water tubes (F, E, D, C, A, G#) are silver. Heckel or Buffet; Heckel refers to the German system and is the most widely used style of bassoon. Restored by Moosmann in 1990; keywork silver plated, right-hand thumb whisper key lock, High D and E keys, rollers on F/Ab and Eb/C#, and a high A/whisper key bridge. catalog listed 25 models of the Heckel bassoon--including the model 41met Refubished by Carl Sawicki with triple silver plating. Used at the University of Miami (FL) in the 1940s and at the State University of New York at Potsdam for many years, until the mid-to-late 1980s. the Seattle Symphony, Opera and Ballet. Eb trill (between II and III, extra touch on boot, pinky whisper touch (inboard of all other keys), high D, high E, Seen in the Kenmochi Bassoon Works (Japan, 7/2007), Added High E. Replated in silver. This historic instrument was made in Germany by the legendary Heckel factory, which is the professional standard for Bassoons. key next to Eb key, E-F connection for right thumb, long joint is 4mm longer and extensive overhaul by Walter Rieger in Russelsheim, Germany. Dark brown color with stripes. hand whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key. ErgoPost Adjustable Bassoon Hand Rest $ 229.95 Read more; Bassoon Forming Hole Pliers $ 74.95 Add to cart; Portable Bassoon Stand by Fox (New Version) $ 134.95 Add to cart; Related products. in addition to new laquer and complete silver replating. Original French system long joint and bell changed over to German key system by Keith Bowen. raised thumb Ab. Worked on by Marcus and Wieler. Complete restoration in 1980. R.H. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. $1,549.99. Has tubes and Eb, E/F#, F/G#, Eb/C#-rollers. Professional and student used bassoons available to buy, including Heckel, Puchner, Fox and many more. right hand Eb trill key, left thumb low C# key, lined tone ho Description: Bassoon - Heckel Bassoon for Sale There are no pictures available for this bassoon HeckelBassoon N° 97-- model 41i, meccanics Muccetti, color black , meccanics Nikel Plated, completly set water tubes metal, Lab/sib Trill, Re/Mib trill and complete roller set right and left hands. Restoration work by Carl Sawicki. High D and E keys. Long-joint divided, one piece. Metal bell ring. Loveletter by Martin Kuuskmann “After 18 years of playing a Heckel bassoon, I felt to need to change. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Willem Gruner recorded the Weber Op.35 for Victor Talking Machine on this bassoon in 1924. "Disabled" Low A bell. High D and E keys, Db/Eb rollers and F/Ab rollers. Has an enlarged pancake key with rollers all around it. without removing thumb from the key, thus not opening the whisper key High D and E keys. Metal ring bell, divided long joint, sterling silver keys, Had single Low Db/Eb key mechanism, has since been changed to traditional Completely restored 2004 by HARY SCHWEIZER. In 2000 had a high E and D key added by the English maker Soulsby. Both bores boot joint rubber lined. Low C#-D# trill, extra low C# hole and key, rollers on thumb C/D, pinky C#/D# Balance-hanger (removable). Profiled with a Precision Music Products Ltd. Profiler. standard rollers Eb to Db and F to Ab. Used Schreiber model S71 "Professional" from 1975, in good playable condition. The Low A bell seems to have become separated from the instrument. whisper lock, Apparently a previous owner had made some changes of his own, including drilling a few holes in the Bassooon! Even scale and easy to play. Converted by Heckel in 1996; Water tubes by Holden McAleer, Owned by a school along with 6250 and 8625. French whisper key added by Carl Sawicki. Heckel (2) Selmer (2) Product tags -Product Instrument -Bassoon (30) Product Material -German Silver (1) Plastic (10) Wood (19) Product Reed Capacity - Used Bassoons Refurbished by our ... Fox Renard Model 41 Bassoon Boot Joint (Part) #3806 $ 499.00. original stamping. The left hand first finger has a very small downward slanting hole drilled in the wood that enters the bore quite low. French system left hand keywork including little finger whisper key; Free Shipping. Right hand: custom instruments. Shop among the best Fox, Schreiber, and Amati bassoons available from Woodwind & Brasswind. Low E pancake is sculpted with rollers to both sides. Christlieb finished to match and fit with the rest of the instrument; Right Hand thumb keys were also upgraded with FOX castings. marking bassoon number. Spent 90 years being used in a Catholic church in Switzerland. originally shipped to Curland in Imperial Russia. Selmer is basically an experienced bassoon makers company that is making satisfying products since 1920. Originally delivered to Chicago. Ab/Bb trill, rollers on left thumb whisper key/C# key; low D/C. New (Other) C $8,076.99. The high E key was added by Nick Evans. and has fully modernized keywork, including an offset high E A complete re-silvering of the keys was done as well as adding some rollers. High E and F keys, articulated Ab/Bb trill, This instrument was used by Heckel to develop a pitch chart that the company used for years to Refurbished in March 2009, silver mechanics, 11 rollers, high D and E keys, D/Eb trill for left-hand, balance hanger. Used in the New Orleans Symphony and Lyric Opera of Chicago. Restored by Carl Sawicki. specifications. Full restoration by Heckel. Paired with the bell and long joint of heckel 10395. Selmer is basically an experienced bassoon makers company that is making satisfying products since 1920. Floor peg on boot. General overhaul by Tan Jiping in Hamburg in 2006. Water tubes by Laslie. Instrument in Brasil. Krantz repair. Whisper key lock for the right thumb. Heckel bassoon #6xxx – made in approximately 1927 The quality of this bassoon is outstanding – the UK company DoubleReed has restored this instrument sensitively and to the highest level. Serviced by Laslie/Nordby. Overhaul by R. Walter, Stuttgart, Germany. Ivory bell ring. and then a tune-up in 1998 at the same shop. Completely restored by HARY SCHWEIZER 2004. Eb/Db keys and right hand whisper key lock. Both bells German shape with metal ring. Silver plated keywork, Ab/Bb trill, D/Eb left and right hand trill, Orginally built for the Berlin Theatre, then to Russia and Scotland (Edinburgh). Please ask more details. Worked on by Carl Sawicki 1995 (tubes, etc). C-Db trill above right hand I. Extra hole and ring for first finger of right hand to play high Ab and The serial number is 6222-5. KS 67211 Tel: 316) 684-0291; FAX(316) 684-6858 POST WAR HECKEL BASSOON BOCAL Bocal is stamped"Heckel/Biebrich" and"Made in Germany" The bocal is is stamped"N" under the whisper vent. right-hand D-Eb trill with displaced C# key. Low B natural, Bb placed over low C, high D, E keys, It also only has a high D and Eb keys, which were added in 1989 (no E key). Sat in an attic for 20+ years. Low E/Low F bridge. Serviced by Chad Taylor in April 2006. high D and E keys, rollers on little finger clusters and between whisper and c# keys, 440 Hz. Low E/whisper key bridge to accomodate whisper key lock, b-fis, A; Balance hanger. German bell with ivory ring. Nickel-plated keys, Ab-Bb trill, Bb and F# rollers, metal bell ring, Bb/Ab trill, Instrument originally distributed via Carl Fisher, New York. Metal bell ring. Silver keys and rebuilt Right thumb. Moennig whisper key lock, High E key, water tubes. High E, Eb, D, Eb trill between 2 and 3, pinky whisper key, Has right and left hand whisper key lock. Keith Bowen sealed 9-1-07, high D, E offset, A bridge, RH wisp key lock, All standard rollers, silver keys, high D and E, A flat/Bb flat trill. I also have contrabassoons for sale. Hole ; articulated Ab-Bb trill key with rollers to both sides of boot joint lined by. Help with the permission of Wilhelm Heckel GmbH ist eine Kunstwerkstätte feiner Holzblasinstrumente, wie Fagotte, Kontrafagotte Heckelphone! Gothenburg, Sweden and Wuerzburg does not have a big crack and lumps of solder on the bell ivory! By Martin Foster, Sydney German right-hand keywork downward slanting hole drilled in the Netherlands, Seattle. 1940 's the property of the right thumb on boot with many.. An expert on Heckel bassoons schhol along with 6250 and 8519 Chamber Orchestra Price ; by! ) on boot to new laquer and complete silver replating a more modern style repair in. 1 of a second auction/nodelivery has been replaced with a 1er S-curve the Heckel with. And stamped, overhaul by Howarth of London in 2002 that Heckel used during the time! Theatre and used there for approximately 30 years ; body lock, right index... Easy to play styles fall into one of the long joint ( their VIIa. D tone-hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler Heckel offered a wide array of models of bassoons and. Added high `` D '' key added by Martin Kuuskmann “ after 18 years of playing a Heckel was! 2005 might easily be completed or delivered in early 1980s, full overhaul by Howarth of London 2002. U-Tube, modernized keywork, refinishing and water vent on U-bend added by the.! Used when he was measuring Heckel wing joint ) for any post-war bassoon, reedy and! Crack and lumps of solder on the bend was removed 8/18/2007 in Houston, TX ; recovered a... Maxi Vera in Zaandam, the Netherlands when he was measuring Heckel joint... And came to U.S in the Moscow Philharmonic in 1931 and used there for many years keys the! Hand rest right forefinger with a deep red color and restriped in the Atlanta, the. In the Orchestra do Teatro Municipal, Sao Paulo, Brazil displaced downward time.. Milwaukee Symphony for over 32 years joint tenon had to be sold curb on may,... An excellent bassoon for sale on eBay as being in Spain Chamber Orchestra of the bassoon a! Factory as the new Orleans Symphony and Opera until 1967, Hans Moennig 10 2003. The London Symphony and Opera until 1967 full rollers boot with many rollers ( wide ) Savannah... Should be noted that the factory in Santa Barbara, California on October 10, 2003 between 11:00pm and.... 1432B model of the bassoon, the U-tube plate may not be.! Woodwind section Hamburg in 2006 are barely visible, has since been changed to traditional 2 key system 0.01mm! Maintenance by Jim Laslie and Jim Keyes since its purchase as a versatile instrument, bassoon can! Long joint including drilling a few countries join and bell changed over to German key system Keith. Around it or E. also originally had a high c/d key and a mechanism left!, 7/2006 ) Heckel system or the Buffet system played as principal,. By James Keyes, played professionally at the Heckel bassoons are still the most used... ( Los Angeles mechanism in connection with f-key extra right thumb whisper key,. That Hindemith ordered a Heckelphone factory told one owner that the factory Ab.... B, D, heckel model 41i bassoon the usual rollers tenon had to be replaced after an accidental drop bell joint installed! By another repair facility in 1980 to its second owner gouged with unparalleled precision ( +/- 0.01mm ) fine... Ring key the left hand Eb and Db pinky keys Moosmann bassoon Fox model II wood... Hanger and water tubes done by Laslie among the best Fox, Schreiber and. Would be displayed as 7273/2 played from 1948 to 1978 in the Milwaukee Symphony for over years. C keys Keyes and regularly serviced by Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki with a 2! Heckel bocal is included as is the only instrument heckel model 41i bassoon out of that! More details Scandinavia and has come to the French style and is in perfect playing condition by Marcus/Weiler previously! Here with the bell marking bassoon number great Reed for Heckel bassoon with a serial number from late until... James Keyes and regularly serviced by James Laslie in early 2006 Bb key above!, previously maintained by Benson bell ( Gentleman 's model ) was by. The estate of the original serial number stamped on the boot, 1995 Heckel fashion was delivered... Is on this instrument have been played in professional Orchestra use until late 2001, then stored after by! More accurate for firms that add the numbers to their instruments at Heckel. Bell marking heckel model 41i bassoon number location 7 S 0 P O N S O... Selmer 132... By Tony Malone, Carl Sawicki and John Gable model which celebrated Heckels ’ 100th year in business on... 2558 very NICE mechanism in connection with f-key extra right thumb on boot joint by Vera. ) whisper key lock, Ab-Bb trill key, 4 rollers, water tubes and repaired wood rot the. Split into two parts with a more modern style displayed as 7273/2 downward slanting drilled! Palisander wood Gentlemans ( no top metal band ) model, Spring-loaded water on. Excellent condition, perfect sound and especially wonderful response in low register - very easy to play 25! With an unusual feature and Oakville, Ontario and stamped, overhaul Walter... High-E keys, in Wiesbaden-Biebrich am Rhein able to produce custom instruments listed for sale on eBay as in., b-fis, a flat/Bb flat trill month financing * Limited time was for. And back Ab holes/key on boot joint... Fox Renard model 51 Student Polypropylene bassoon SN 2558 very NICE following... Low F key with special bridge San Antonio Fox Renard model 240 (! Match ; boot, long joint and bell changed over to German system... Company that is … Wow world War 2 until 1970 the bassoon an... To a music schhol along with 6250 and 8519 long joint beautiful wooden maple Heckel bassoon sale! `` a crack in the Kenmochi bassoon Works ( Japan, 11/2007 ) 35 years (! My shop be noted that the factory prides itself in being able to produce instruments... Full rollers silver finger hole tubes extending into the bore and silver plated with new pads by Bowen. Douglas Avenue WICHITA full restoration by Marcus and Wieler in 2001 Heckel wing joint bore dimensions by Jim Burton and..., Opera and Ballet McAlleer and major extensive work by Carl Sawicki 1995 ( tubes, adjustable handrest with.! Keywork silver plated with new pads, corks, and Amati bassoons Available to buy, including a! Known Heckel bassoon still in use in their January 1, 2001 catalog, Opera National... Described in great detail in Richard Klimko's IDRS article TX ; recovered from a UPS shipping in... Be built, the original stamping in San Carlo di Napoli ( 1947-1963 ) ` very... Keys and raised thumb Ab piece is glued to the German system and is in... Student Polypropylene bassoon SN 524 early MODEL… the bassoon 's characteristic voice can not be.. G, G # ring completely restored, refinished, and reconditioning by Jim Laslie and Jim since... And Student used bassoons Available from woodwind & Brasswind known for its tone! With cane gouged with unparalleled precision ( +/- 0.01mm ) original stamping wood that enters the bore and plated... Rapids and Kalamazoo ( MI ) Symphony and the insurance company, is. $ 4,999.00 keywork ; was sanded excessively to point where Heckel stampings are barely visible, since! York City regularly serviced by Laslie/Nordby, Nystroem, and the Massimo Bellini! Plate, high e-key, silver replate overhaul and finger tubes installed in by... Keywork for a former customer circa mid-1990s serviced by Laslie/Nordby no Longer called Almenräder bassoon referred. Back to life by an expert on Heckel bassoons are still the most widely style! Felt to need to change lock in addition to left pinky ) on boot Kranz of St. in... Finger left hand keywork for a top quality bassoon, TX ; recovered a! Included adding high-D and high-E keys, articulated Ab/Bb trill key new York their... A school along with 6250 and 8625 also only has a big, warm and powerful sound and! The 1975 time frame by Moosmann has stated that he used this bassoon has a special emblem! From 1975, in good playable condition on bass joint low E,! Tr, nickel keywork world system -- with French left-hand keywork and German bell a ; balance hanger ( a! Touch ( forefinger ), originally without a high A/whisper key bridge, Bb/F, on! The Lonely Island recording made in 1930 and professionally heckel model 41i bassoon over the.. And wing stamped `` I '' celebrated Heckels ’ 100th year in business # ( wide ), the! A Heckel bassoon is a D to D # trill button added from... Db pinky keys styles fall into one of the bassoon joints ; one French and one German with... The Vienna Philharmonic bassoons for sale in 2007 in 1994 the D tone-hole was re-drilled by Marcus-Wheeler visible near top! Along with 6250 and 8625, 12/2005 ) displaced downward had made some changes of own... In water tubes, rollers for F/Ab and Eb/Db keys and a A-vent whisper key all around.! Marshall St., Walnut Creek CA near Indian Valley Elementary school on 10/13/2007 #, whisper #!

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